5 Online Dating Tips For Men

1. Be respectful.
Don’t feel like you can just say anything to get a woman to go out with you. If it would offend a woman in person then it will offend a woman online.

2. Don’t mass email.
A woman will be able to tell if you are playing the numbers game and sending the same email to every woman in the hope that at least one person will respond.

3. Don’t email stalk.
If you haven’t had an immediate response, then be patient. Women get a lot more emails than men

4. Be realistic.
If you are not 6’1 and ‘athletic’ (and actually you bear an uncanny resemblance to Ronnie Corbett) then this will be pretty obvious on your first date.

5. Don’t be shallow.
Looks are important but so is clicking with a special someone. The girl of your dreams may not be a Bond girl, but then again, how many of them do you know in real life?

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